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Advances in Computational & Experimental Engineering & Sciences

Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on
Computational & Experimental Engineering & Sciences

ISBN: 0-9657001-6-X

Chapter 1
Advanced Computational Algorithms for Shock,
Impact, and Penetration Problems

Dr. A.M. Rajendran

Transient Solution of a Non-Linear Thermoelastic Instability Problem
Abdullah M. Al-Shabibi
Comparison of Impact between Experimental and Simulation Results in Flexible Elements
Gabriel Emiliano Barrientos; Luis Alejandro Baeza; Rubens Sampaio; Mario Italo Razeto
Key Issues of Computational Weld Mechanics with Applications
F.W. Brust; J.C. Kennedy
2-D Analysis of a Building Frame under Gravity Load and Fire
Dat Duthinh
Characterisation of a Composite Material for Ballistic Protections
Fernando José Ferreira; Mário Augusto Vaz; Francisco Queiros de Melo; Jorge Justo
On the design and evaluation of lightweight metal protection concepts against blast loading using LS-DYNA
Augustin Gakwaya; Geneviève Toussaint; Patrice Gaudreault; Kevin William; Robert Durocher
Numerical Evaluation of the Monotonic and Cyclic Behavior of a Welded Beam-to-column Joint
Sandra Jordão; Luis Simões da Silva; Rui Simões
A Study on the Impact Absorbing Characteristics for Rubber and Metal Layerd Structures
Wan-Doo Kim; Dong-Jin Kim; Young-Shin Lee
Massively Parallel Computations by a General-Purpose Finite Element Analysis Code - IPSAP
Seung Jo Kim; Chang Sung Lee; Jeong Ho Kim; Jin Woo Park
Lining Load Development Due to Time-Dependent Rock Mass Behaviour
Florian Krenn; Stefan Kainrath-Reumayer; Johann Golser
Adiabatic Shear Bands in Functionally Graded Particulate Composites
B. M. Love; R. C. Batra
Dilatation of AD995 Alumina Impacted by Two Consecutive Stress Pulses during a SHPB Experiment
Hui Yang Luo; Weinong Wayne Chen
Matlab/Simulink Model of a Slip Energy Recovery System in a Cement Plant
Maria Teresa Barroca Outeiro; Eduardo Sousa Saraiva
Study and Simulation of Fragmentation Phenomena of Concrete Structures Under Stuffy Explosion
Hugues Romero; Franck Jourdan; Frederick Dubois
Advances in Nonlinear/Linear Computational Dynamics: The Concept of Algorithms by Design
Kumar Tamma
Scalable Coupling of TFA and Paradyn Analyses for impact Modeling of 3-D Woven Composites
Rama R. Valisetty; Namburu Raju; Rajendran M. Arunachalam; Bahei-El-Din Yahya

Chapter 2
Air Traffic Management Research

Dr. Paul Tan

Computational Modeling of Trajectory-Oriented Air Traffic Management
Todd J. Callantine
Non-Parametric Approach to a Paired Data Hypothesis Test in Trajectory Accuracy Analysis
M. M. Paglione
Virtual Reality in Air Traffic Control Research for US Federal Aviation Administration
Michael A. Pomykacz
Rapid Prototyping and Exploration of Advanced Air Traffic Concepts
Thomas Prevot; Todd Callantine; Paul Lee; Joey Mercer; Everett Palmer; Nancy Smith
Modeling Patterns of Performance in Air Traffic Control Operations
Roger W. Remington; Seung Man Lee; Ujwala Ravinder; Benjamin Willems; Michael Freed
From Concept to Implementation - Modeling and Simulation in Air Traffic Management
A. Schwartz; S. Magyarits

Chapter 3
Biomechanics, Biomolecular Engineering, and Bionanomechanics

Professor Gang Bao, Dr. Huajian Gao, & Dr. I.S. Raju

Nanostructured Molecular Probes for Gene Detection in Living Cells
Gang Bao
Knee Ligaments Contitutive Model and Computational Stress Analysis During Walking and Cycling
Constantin Bratianu; Lucian Gruionu
Microstructure of Round-Hole-Fiber Distribution in Insect Cuticle and Biomimetic Research
Bin Chen; Xianghe Peng; Jinghong Fan
Flaw Tolerant Bulk and Surface Nanostructures of Biological Systems
Huajian Gao; Baohua Ji; Markus J. Buehler; Haimin Yao
Remodeling of a Carotid Artery in Response to Flow Overload
C.A. Herrera; X. Lu; Q. Dang; S. Atluri; G. Kassab
Heterojunctions of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Semiconducting Nanocrystals for Electronic Device Applications
Cengiz S. Ozkan
Hybrid Nanosystems: Their Application in Biology and Engineering
Mihri Ozkan
Models for Cell Adhesion and Cell Mechanics Applying Micro- and Nanoscopic Tools
Joachim P. Spatz
Insights into how to Engineer Biominerals at the Nanoscale
Viola Vogel

Chapter 4
Boundary Element Methods

Professor Jan Sladek & Professor Choon-Lai Tan

Contact Mechanics and BEM
Ramon Abascal; Jose A Gonzalez
Recent Advances in the Application of BEM to Damage Tolerance Assessment of Airframe Structures
Ferri M. H. Aliabadi
Multiwavelet Collocation Boundary Element Solution of Laplace's Equation
Siamak Amini; Rabea Elmazuzi; Steven P. Nixon
Application of Boundary Element Method to Elasto-plastic Analysis of 2-D Orthotropic Plates
Zhangzhi Cen; Xiushan Sun; Lixin Huang; Yinghua Liu
Boundary Integral Equations for Thermoelastic Plates
Igor Chudinovich; Christian Constanda
Frictionless Unilateral Contact by Symmetric Boundary Element Method
Filippo Cucco; Teotista Panzeca; Silvio Terravecchia; Liborio Zito
Analysis of Interface Crack Problems in Dissimilar Anisotropic Media using the Boundary Element Method
Seila Vasti Faria de Paiva; Paulo Sollero; M. H. Aliabadi; William Portilho de Paiva
Fast Multipole Accelerated BE Techniques for 3D Stokes Flow
Attilio Frangi; Arturo di Gioia; Giorgio Novati
Effective Range of V-line Extrapolation Method to Calculate SIF of a Three Dimensional Crack Near to a Surface
Wataru Fujisaki
Dynamic Crack Interaction in 2-D Piezoelectrics
Felipe Garcia-Sanchez; Andres Saez; Jose Dominguez
Boundary Integral Equations with the Divergence Free Property for Elastostatics Problems
J. Jackiewicz
Boundary Element Method for Convective Heat Transfer in a Tall Porous Cavity using Forcheimer Model
Renata Jecl; Leopold Škerget
On the Continuity of Methods of Fundamental Solutions
Xin Li
On Fracture Mode Mixity Measures in Interface Cracks. An Application to BEM Analysis of Fibre/Matrix Debonding in Composites
Vladislav Mantic; Federico Paris; E. Correa
Boundary Element Analysis of Heat Transfer in Anisotropic Functionally Graded Materials
Juan Pablo Nunez; Vladislav Mantic; Federico Paris; John Berger
Directly Derived Non-Hyper-Singular Boundary Integral Equations I: Petrov-Galerkin Schemes
Zhongyan Qian; Z.D. Han; P. Ufimtsev; S.N. Atluri
Directly Derived Non-Hyper-Singular Boundary Integral Equations for Acoustic Problems II: The Collocation Implementation
Zhongyan Qian; Z.D. Han; P. Ufimtsev; S.N. Atluri
On Frictionally Constrained Cracks
Patrick Selvadurai
2.5D Transient Heat Transfer (Conduction and Convection) Using the BEM
Nuno A. V. Simões; António J. B. Tadeu
Advanced Meshless LBIEM for Thermoelastic Analysis of Non-homogeneous Solids
Jan Sladek; Vladimir Sladek; Chuanzeng Zhang
Scaled Boundary Finite-Element Solutions for Singular Stress Fields in Multi-Material Wedges
Chongmin Song
BEM Anisotropic Thermoelastic Analysis of Bi-material Interface Cracks
Choon-Lai Tan; Yui-Chuin Shiah
Extension of New Local Error Estimators for Panel Methods in 2-D Potential Flow Problems
Marcelo O. Violato; Ariosto B. Jorge; Nelson Manzanares Filho
Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method for Simulation of Composite Materials
Zhenhan Yao; Haitao Wang; Pengbo Wang

Chapter 5
Composite Materials: Experiments, Analysis, and Applications

Professor David H. Allen, Professor Michihiko Nakagaki,
Professor Anthony M. Waas & Professor Zhenhan Yao

Experiments on Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Laminated Composite Stringer Stiffened Cylindrical Panels
Haim Abramovich; Ariel Grunwald; Pavel Pevsner; Tanchum Weller; Adrian David; Gila Ghilai; Anthony Green; Nisson Pekker
A Model for Predicting the Evolution of Multiple Cracks on Multiple Length Scales in Heterogeneous Viscoelastic Solids
David H Allen; Chad R Searcy
Geometric Imperfection Based Design Criteria for Composite Shell Buckling
Damodar R. Ambur; Mark W. Hilburger; Michael P. Nemeth
Modeling of Damage Growth in Composite Laminates
Shiladitya Basu; Anthony M. Waas; Damodar R. Ambur
Energetic-Statistical Size Effect in Composites and Sandwich Structures
Zdenek P. Bazant; Alessandro Beghini
Thermomechanical Wrinkling in Sandwich Panels with a Nonuniform Temperature Distribution
Victor Birman
Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Stringer Stiffened Laminated Composite Curved Panels Subjected to Shear
Chiara Bisagni; Potito Cordisco; Haim Abramovich; Pavel Pevsner
Residual Strength of Repaired Composite Materials Subjected to Compression Fatigue Loading
R. Carvalho; M. De Freitas
Contact Buckling and Post-buckling of Delaminated Plates
Herzl Chai
Mechanics of Atomic Scale Interfaces in Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites
Namas Chandra; Sirish Namilae
Analytical Solution for ITZ's Thickness around Convex Shaped Aggregate Grains based on Section Analysis Method
Huisu Chen; Wei Sun; Piet Stroeven; L.J. Sluys
The Study of Reversible and Irreversible Impact Loading on Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical CFRP Composite Laminates
Opukuro A. David-West; David H. Nash; William M. Banks
The Compressive Strength of Fiber Composites
C. K. Hari Dharan; Chun-Liang Lin
Modelling Postbuckling Composite Structures
Brian G. Falzon; Marco Cerini
A Crack Along the Interface Between Two Transversely Isotropic Materials - the +/- 45 degree Pair
Yuval Freed; Leslie Banks-Sills
Analysis of Stress Concentrations in 2x2 Braided Composites
Deepak Goyal; John D Whitcomb
Response of CFRP Laminates under High Strain Rate Compression until Failure
Rui Miranda Guedes; Fernando José Ferreira; Mário Augusto Vaz; Pedro Henrique Magalhães
Advanced FRP Composites in the Civil Infrastructure: New Tools for Old Threats
Gilbert A. Hegemier
Coupled Electro-Stretching-Bending Analysis of Holes in the Electro-Elastic Composite Laminates
Chyanbin Hwu; M.C. Hsieh
Edge Effects on Sandwich Composites
Moussa Karama; Sébastien Mistou
Stress Gradient Effects in the Failure Criteria for Textile Composites
Ryan L. Karkkainen; Bhavani V. Sankar
Delamination Behavior of Composite T-Sections with Z-Fibers
Hakan Kilic; Som R Soni
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Delamination Growth in a Graphite/Epoxi Specimen Caused by a Ply Cut
Manfred Koenig; Ronald Krueger; Edmund Kohler; Manfred Kurz; Thomas Ruckstuhl
Multi-Objective Optimization of Composite Stiffened Panels: Computations and Experiments
Luca Lanzi
Simulation of Sensor Application and Shape Control of Piezoelectric Structures at Large Deflections
Sven Lentzen ; Ruediger Schmidt
Homogenisation and Damage Mechanics for a Variety of Layered Systems
L. Neil McCartney
Characterization of Internal State Variable for Fiber Fracture in UD Composite
Modris Megnis; Povl Brondsted; Saif A. Rehman; Tanveer Ahmad
Instabilities and Loss of Ellipticity in Fiber-Reinforced Nonlinearly Elastic Solids Under Plane Deformation
Jose Merodio; Raymond W. Ogden
Finite Element Modelling of Viscoelastic Core Sandwich Panels
Rui Silva Moreira; José Dias Rodrigues
Composite Material Model with Circular Inclusion under Imperfect Interface Conditions
Michihiko Nakagaki; Ryosuke Matsumoto; Yoshihiro Nakamichi; Shuji Takashima
Mode II Interlaminar Fracture of Carbon/epoxy Multidirectional Laminates
A.B. Pereira; A.B. Morais; A.T. Marques; P.M.S.T. de Castro
Composites for Marine Structures - Challenges and Recent Advances
Yapa D.S. Rajapakse
Design of Composite Layers with Curvilinear Fiber Paths Using Cellular Automata
Shahriar Setoodeh; Zafer Gurdal; Mostafa M Abdalla
Compression Strength of Textile and Wavy Fiber Composites
Kunigal Shivakumar
Non-Dilute Multiple Coated Fiber Composites with BCC Microstructures: Effect of Shape and Fiber Orientation
H. M. Shodja; Farshid Roumi
Environmental Exposure of Glass-fibre Reinforced Composites
Nirvan Karam Sookay; Christopher Julian von Klemperer; Viktor Verijenko
Modelling of Multi-Layer Damage in Composite Lainates Under Static or Fatigue Loading
C. Soutis; M. Kashtalyan
A Mechanistic Model for Fatigue Life of Polymer Matrix Composites
Kevin R. Uleck; Anthony J. Vizzini
Crush Response of Composite Conical Frustra - Experiments and Modeling
H. Yang; V. Karbhari
The Electro-Mechanical Response of Electrostrictive Composite Laminates due to Actuation
N. Yu; Y. M. Chang; T. Somphone

Chapter 6
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numerical Simulation of a Flow Conditioner
Husam Farag Abdulrahman; Andrea Frattolillo; Nicola Massarotti
Application of the Advection-dispersion Equation to Characterize the Hydrodynamic Regime in a Submerged Packed Bed Reactor
Antonio Albuquerque; Aderito Araujo; Ercilia Sousa
Numerical Simulation of Wind Flow in the Vicinity of Forest Block
Tomas Bodnar; Ivo Sladek; E. Gulikova
Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Models
Bruce Michael Boghosian
A Fully Coupled Resolution Method for Computing Laminar and Turbulent Flows
E. Didier; A.R.J. Borges
Finite Element Flow Simulations for Three-Dimensional Incompressible Viscous Fluid
Kazuhiko Kakuda; Naoki Hara
New Features in the Fluid-Dynamics of Floating Zones Under Marangoni Effect
Marcello Lappa; R. Savino
An Improved Inverse Design Method for Blades of Finite Thickness
Jose C. Pascoa; Antonio C. Mendes; Luis M.C. Gato
Simplified Numerical Computation of Flow in Rearing Tank of Marine Fish Larvae
Shigeaki Shiotani; A. Hagiwara; Y. Sakakura, H. Chuda
Computational Modeling of Gas-Particle Two-Phase Jet by a 3-D Vortex Method
Tetsuhiro Tsukiji; Yohei Yamamoto

Chapter 7
Computational Intelligence and Advanced Info Technologies in Engineering Science & Advances in Imaging

Extending Workflow Systems with QoS Management
Jorge S. Cardoso
Public Key Algorithm Comparison
María de Miguel de Santos; Carmen Sánchez Ávila; Raúl Sánchez Reillo
A Microcalcification Detection System for Digital Mammography using the Contourlet Transform
A. Manzano-Lizcano; C. Sánchez-Ávila; L. Moyano-Pérez
Generating and Rendering Images Using the X-slits Projection
Nuno Cid Martins; Helder Araújo
E-learning + ITS + CBR + Simulation a New Pespective of Learning
Nelson Pincho; Viritato Marques; Torres Farinha; António Brito
New Images from 3D Scanning
João Ramos; Nuno Cid Martins; Fernando Silva
Villages, Towns and Cities - an E-Government Case Study
Cláudio Jorge Vieira Teixeira; Johnny Santos; Joaquim Sousa Pinto; Joaquim Arnaldo Martins

Chapter 8
Earthquake Structural Engineering

Professor A. Kappos

Seismic Rehabilitation of an Historical Monument Based on Computational Monitoring
Gabriela Maria Atanasiu; Nicu Curcudel
Effect of Surface Waves on Dam-Reservoir Interaction During the Earthquake
Reza Attarnejad; Homayoun Zahedi
On the Seismic Strengthening of Old Masonry Buildings
Rita Bento; M. Lopes; R. Cardoso
One Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Tubular Columns
Masashi Iura; Toshiki Ishizawa
Derivation of Fragility Curves Using Inelastic Time-History Analysis and Damage Statistics
A.J. Kappos; C.G. Panagiotopoulos; G. Panagopoulos
Seismic Assessment of a Major Bridge using Modal Pushover Analysis and Dynamic Time-history Analysis
A. J. Kappos; T.S. Paraskeva; A.G. Sextos
Seismic Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections by FRP Material
Athanasios Karabinis; Theodoros Rousakis
Optimum Translational Vibration of Multi-Storey Buildings with Vertical Mass Axis
Triantafyllos K. Makarios; Chariton Xenidis
Seismic Response of Piles and Pile Groups in Viscoelastic and Poroelastic Soils
Miguel A. Millan; Jose Dominguez
Parametric and Harmonic Instability Interaction
Verica Raduka
Web Shear Deformations of R/C Walls with Flexural Failure Subjected to Cyclic Loading
Thomas N. Salonikios
Effectiveness of CFRP-Jackets and R/C-Jackets in Post-Earthquake Retrofitting of Beam-Column Subassemblages
Alexander G. Tsonos
Seismic Behaviour of Infilled Existing RC Buildings
Elizabeth Vintzileou; Christos Zeris; Constantinos Repapis

Chapter 9
Finite Element Analysis in Engineering:
Analysis, Design, & Manufacturing

Numerical Approach to the Evaluation of Calibration Uncertainty of Contact Temperature Sensors
Fausto Arpino; Andrea Frattolillo; Nicola Massarotti
Computation of the Dynamical Behaviour of Faulty Rotor Systems
Nicolò Bachschmid; Paolo Pennacchi; Andrea Vania; Ezio Tanzi
Finite Elements Method in Electromagnetism for Actuator Design and Dynamic Behavior Prediction
M. Rosário Alves Calado; Carlos P. Cabrita
Exact Static Stiffness Matrix for a Deep Beam Embedded in an Elastic Medium
William Paul Howson
Finite Element Analysis of Elastica
Kyohei Kondo; Koichiro Kuramoto
Comparasion of Accuracy in DEMs at Different Resolutions
Leonor Maria Oliveira Malva
Numerical Modelling of Soft Soils
Paulo J.V. Oliveira; Paulo A.L.F. Coelho; Luís J.L. Lemos
Computation of Incompressible Flows with Immersed Bodies on Unstructured Cartesian Grids
Dartzi Pan

Chapter 10
Finite Strain Theory and Cyclic Plasticity

Professor Koichi Hashiguchi

Mechanical Behaviors of Clay and Sand in terms of Active Soil Skeleton Structure
Akira Asaoka; Toshihiro Noda; Masaki Nakano
Hardening Behavior of an Aluminum Alloy in Simple Shear
Frederic Barlat; Jeong-Whan Yoon
Model for Cyclic Simple Shear Behavior of Sands Accounting for Principal Stress Rotation and Finite Strain Deformation
Marte S. Gutierrez
The Novel Concept "Tangential Relaxation"
Koichi Hashiguchi
Extended Gradient Plasticity by the Subloading Surface Model with Tangential-relaxation
Koichi Hashiguchi
Axisymmetric Bifurcation Analysis with Tangential Plasticity
Mehdi Khojastehpour; Koichi Hashiguchi; Yukitaka Murakami
Finite Element Simulation on Uplift Problem of Ground Anchor
Takashi Okayasu; Koichi Hashiguchi; Toshiyuki Ozaki; Daiki Yajima; Shingo Ozaki
Elastoplastic Finite Element Analysis of the Trapdoor Problem
Toshiyuki Ozaki; Takashi Okayasu; Koichi Hashiguchi; Daiki Yajima
Uplift Behavior of Shallow Circular Anchor in Two-layered Sand
Toshinori Sakai; Tadatsugu Tanaka; Saiichi Sakajo
Formulation and Numerical Post-bifurcation Analysis of Frictional Dilatant Materials at Finite Strains
Keisuke Satoh; Yuki Yamakawa; Yasuyuki Miyaki; Kunio Torii
Tangential Stress-rate Effect in Soils Subjected to Cyclic Circular Stress Path in the Deviatoric Stress Plane
Hideki Setouchi; Koichi Hashiguchi; Takeshi Shikanai; Takashi Okayashu
A Two-Surface Plasticity Model for Sands with Variable Degree of Non-Linearity
Mohammed Saiful Alam Siddiquee; Tadatsugu Tanaka
Cyclic Elasto-plastic Constitutive Model and Finite Element Analysis
Tadatsugu Tanaka
Non-proportional Loading Behavior of Elastoplastic Solids
Seiichiro Tsutsumi; Koichi Hashiguchi; Masahiro Toyosada; Koji Gotoh
Deformation Analysis of Cohesive Soft Ground with Solidified Surface under Fill Construction
Tetsuji Yoshimaru; Koichi Hashiguchi; Takashi Okayasu; Saiichi Sakajo

Chapter 11
Innovative Aircraft Design

Professor Luigi Morino & Professor Wesley Harris

Advanced Characterization to Parameterize Material Properties for Multiscale Design
Edoardo Bemporad, F. Carassiti
From Aeronautical to Nautical Modeling and Design
Paolo Bulgarelli
From Aeronautics to the Aerodynamic Design of a Formula 1 Car
Ferdinando Cannizzo
Sequential Multi--Disciplinary Optimization for the Conceptual Design of a Blended--Wing--Body Aircraft
Giampietro Carpentieri; Michel van Tooren; Giovanni Bernardini; Luigi Morino
Materials Selection in Multidisciplinary-Multiscale Design
Fabio Carassiti
Technical Note: An Automatic Pilot to Make Perfect Loops Varying only Gflyup through the Loop
José Barahona da Fonseca
Technical Note II: An Automatic Pilot to Make Perfect Horizontal Loops Varying only Gflyup through the Horizontal Loop
José Barahona da Fonseca
Technical Note III: The Risk of G-LOC and the Time to G-LOC Meter
José Barahona da Fonseca
Technical Note IV: Exact Flyup Altitude + Risk of G-LOC= Anti-G-LOC GCAS
José Barahona da Fonseca
Nanostructured PVD Coatings for Wear and Corrosion Resistance
Stefano De Rossi; Chiara Pecchio; Edoardo Bemporad
The PrandtlPlane
Aldo Frediani
Wing Design of a High Altitude and Long Endurance Aircraft
Giuseppe Gatta; Fulvio Romano; Luigi Di Palma; Modesto Pecora
Aeroelastic Modeling and Vibratory Load Analysis of Helicopters
Massimo Gennaretti; Alessandro Carvai
Aircraft-based Responsive Launch System for Small Payloads
Michel Kamel
Life Cycle Cost Multidisciplinary Optimization for Prandtl-Plane
Luigi Morino; Giovanni Bernardini; Daniele De Gregorio; Karen E Willcox; Wesley L. Harris
A Hermite High--Order Finite Element for Structural Optimal Design
Luigi Morino; Giovanni Bernardini; Chiara Cerulli; Fabio Cetta
Multi-disciplinary Optimization for the Conceptual Design of Innovative Aircraft Configurations
Luigi Morino; Giovanni Bernardini; Franco Mastroddi
Aerodynamic Design using Genetic Algorithms and Application to Rotor Blades
Dimitris G. Mourikis; Vasilis A. Riziotis; Spyros G. Voutsinas
A Model for Solar Powered Aircraft Preliminary Design
Emanuele Rizzo; Aldo Frediani
Multiscale Features in Surface Engineering: Matching the Appropriate Length Scale for Coating Development and Simulation
Teodoro Valente; Cecilia Bartuli
Aircraft Design Support using Knowledge Engineering and Optimization Techniques
Michel Van Tooren

Chapter 12
Instabilities and Bifurcations in Fluid Mechanics

Professor Pinhas Bar-Yoseph & Professor Alexander Gelfgat

Stability and Bifurcation Analyses for Crystal Growth Processes
Pinhas Z. Bar-Yoseph; Alexander Yu. Gelfgat
The Origin of Complex Dynamics: A Tale of Two Systems
A. Bergeon; E. Knobloch
Bifurcation of Vortex Breakdown Patterns
Morten Brons; Anders Bisgaard
From the Hopf Bifurcation to Fully Developed Turbulence in Incompressible Flows
C. H. Bruneau
The Sequence-of-Bifurcation Approach Towards Understanding Turbulent Flows
Friedrich H Busse
Thermal Effects on Vortex Breakdown in a Swirling Jet
Jacob Cohen; D. Mourtazin
Turbulent Dividing Flow on 60º Bifurcations
Nuno P. Costa; Rodrigo Jorge Maia
Transitions in Thermocapillary Flows: Impact on Crystal Growth
Arne Cröll; Peter Dold; Th Kaiser
Instabilities of the Flow and the Temperature Field During Crystal Growth of Silicon from Melt
Peter Dold; Arne Cröll
Non Normal Growth of Counter--Propagating Rossby Waves in Shear Instability
Eyal Heifetz
Non-Axisymmetric Instabilities in Wide-Gap Spherical Couette Flow
R. Hollerbach
Multi-Scale Linear Stability Analysis
B. C. Houchens; John S. Walker
Effects of Gravity Variations on Thermocapillary Convection
S. Hoyas; H. Herrero; A. M. Mancho
Interconnection Between Spatial and Temporal Instability in a Forced Mixing Layer
Eliezer Kit; Alexander Yu. Gelfgat
Benard Surface-Tension-Driven Convection in Small Vessels
M. J. Medale; P. J. Cerisier
Transitions of Flow Between Two Corotating Disks in an Enclosure
Jiro Mizushima; Tomohito Miura
Convective Oscillations in a Two-Layer System Under the Combined Action of Buoyancy and Thermocapillary Effect
A. A. Nepomnyaschy; I. B. Simanovsky
Subcritical and Supercritical Bifurcations of the Benney Equation
Alexander Oron; Oded Gottlieb
Stabilization Effect of a Rotating Magnetic Field on the Flow of a Conducting Liquid in a Cylindrical Container
Janis Priede; Gunter Gerbeth
Electro-Osmotic Convection in Concentration Polarization
Isaac Rubinstein
Stability and Bifurcations of the Wake Behind a Ring: A Computational and Experimental Comparison
Gregory J Sheard; Mark C Thompson; Thomas Leweke; Kerry Hourigan
On the Stability of the Flow Through a Spherical Bulge in a 90º Asymmetrical Bend
J. M.M. Sousa
Oscillatory Flow of a Two-Fluid System Under Reduced Gravity
Hermann Wilke; Andrew Cliffe; J. A. Pojman
Vortex Shedding from Elongated Rectangular Plates at Low Reynolds Numbers
Alexander Yakhot; Nikolai Nikitin; Heping Li

Chapter 13
Manufacturing Process Modeling

Dr. Frederick W. Brust, Professor Wen-Hwa Chen, & Professor Hidekazu Murakawa

Identification of Equivalent Material Constants of a Printed Circuit Board
Kun-Nan Chen; Hsien-Chie Cheng
Optimal Thermal Design for Chip Placement in Multichip Modules
Wen-hwa Chen; Hsien-Chie Cheng
Determination of Residual Stress in GTA Multi-pass Welds in Stainless Steel Pipe by Means of Numerical Simulation and Comparison with Experimental Measurement
Dean Deng; Hidekazu Murakawa
Prediction of Welding Distortion Using Eigen Strain
Hidekazu Murakawa
Virtual Reality Technology in Civil Engineering: The Wall's Construction Model
Almeida Zita Sampaio; Pedro Gameiro Henriques; Pedro Studer Ferreira

Chapter 14
Mechanics of Geomaterials

Professor A. Tom Scarpas & Professor Patrick Selvadurai

Geotechnical Properties of Cement Stabilized Oil-Contaminated Soils
Amer Al-Rawas; Hossam Hassan; Ramzi Taha; Abdel Wahid Hago; Bader Al-Shandoudi; Yahia Al-Suleimani
Plane Cyclic Shearing of a Micro-Polar Hypoplastic Material
Erich Bauer; Jacek Tejchman
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Mechanical Behavior of a Reinforced Sand
Annamaria Cividini; Giancarlo Gioda
Stress Analysis for a Porous Medium Containing a Cylindrical Rigid Inclusion
Simona de Cicco; Maria Lippiello
Microstructural Viscoplastic Conttinuum Model for Asphalt Mixes
Samer H. Dessouky; Shadi Saadeh; Eyad A. Masad; Dallas N. Little
Analysis of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of an Unsaturated Geological Barrier
Behrouz Gatmiri; Hasan Ghasemzadeh
Modelling Concrete Soldier Pile Walls with Geometrical Non-Linearity of Vertical Piles
Nuno Costa Guerra; Manuel Matos Fernandes; António Silva Cardoso; António Gomes Correia
Coupling Variable Permeability to Strain and Mass Transfer in Contaminated Clays
Tomasz Hueckel
Using Critical State Theory and Modified Hveem Stabilometer for Modelling Asphalt Material Behaviour
Henny ter Huerne; Martin van de Ven; Andre Molenaar; Martin van Maarseveen
Ionised Media
Jacques M. Huyghe; Mathieu M. Molenaar
Reduced Order Implicit Integration Algorithms for Frictional Materials
C. Kasbergen; A. Tom Scarpas
Development of a Finite Element Tool for Simulation of Ravelling of Asphaltic Mixes
Niki Kringos; A. Tom Scarpas
Constitutive Modelling of Elastoplastic Response of Sand
Xueyan Liu; A. Tom Scarpas
Predictions of HMA Permeability Using 3-D Microstructure Simulation of Fluid Flow
Eyad A. Masad; Aslam Al-Omari
Prototype Behavioural FEM Model for Road Surfacing Seals
T. Milne; M. Huurman; C. Kasbergen; A. Tom Scarpas
3D Constitutive Model for Unbound Granular Materials
Markus Oeser; Sabine Werkmeister; Bernd Möller; Frohmut Wellner
Characterization of Road Pavements' Granular Layers by the use of Cyclic Tri-axial Tests
Luis Picado Santos; Rosa Conceição Luzia
Multi-Phase Material Model for Freezing Damage in Open Graded Asphaltic Mixes
A. Tom Scarpas; Xueyan Liu; Niki Kringos
On Computational Approaches to Coupling Poroelasticity and Damage Mechanics
Antony Patrick Selvadurai
Influence of Dilatancy and Elastic Modulus on Simulation of Undrained Behavior
Kiichi Suzuki; Ajitha Wanninayake; Eiki Nakayama; Takeko Mikami
3-D Network Simulation Technique of Rock Mass Joint and of Analysis of Permeability Tensor
Chunhe Yang; Guibin Wang
Numerical Simulation of Beach Erosion Due to Storm Wave Actions
Wohua Zhang; Yahua Dai; S. Valliappan

Chapter 15
Meshless & Novel Computational Methods

Professor Carlos Alves, Professor C.S. Chen,
Professor Vitor Leitão, & Professor Thanh Tran-Cong

Overlapping Communication with Computation in Distributed Parallel FDTD Codes Implemented in Java
C. G. Biniaris; A.I. Kostaridis; D.I. Kaklamani
Three Dimensional Coupled Analysis of Independently Modeled Substructures by Displacement Welding Technique
Jin Yeon Cho; Jae Mo An; Chang Sik Kim
Analysis of Structural Dynamic Problems through the Node Activation Technique
Jin Yeon Cho; Sung Woon Woo; Jeong Ho Kim
A Multi-level Interpolation Method for Solving Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients
Csaba Gáspár
Improved Numerical Approach for the Kansa's Method
Leevan L. Ling; Benny Y.C. Hon
A Matrix Decomposition RBF Algorithm for solving Large-Scale Problems
Andreas Karageorghis; C.S. Chen; Y.-S. Smyrlis
Trefftz-Type Sensitivity Analysis for Boundary Value Problem of Poisson Equation
Eisuke Kita; Yoichi Ikeda; Norio Kamiya
A Locking–Free Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Formulation for Thick and Thin Plates
Qiuzhan Li; J. Soric; T. Jarak; S.N. Atluri
Analysis of Crack Tip Stress Using Compactly Supported Meshless Method
T. S. Li; S. M. Wong; K. S. Chan
On Adaptive Unsymmetric Meshless Collocation
Leevan Ling; Robert Alexander Schaback
Element-Free Simulation for Non-Newtonian Flows
L. Mai-Cao; Thanh Tran-cong
An Efficient BEM for Numerical Solution of the Biharmonic Boundary Value Problem
Nam Mai-Duy; Roger Tanner
Quantum Computation as a New Paradigm for Simulating Physics
Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon
Analysis of Large Deflection Problems of Beams Using a Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method
I. S. Raju
Diffuse Approximate Method for Casting Simulations
Bozidar Sarler; Janez Perko; Robert Vertnik; Miha Zaloznik
Solution of Temperature Field in DC Cast Aluminum Alloy Slab by the Diffuse Approximate Method
Bozidar Sarler; Robert Vertnik; Janez Perko
On the Application of the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Method to the Analysis of Shear Deformable Plates
Jurica Soric; Qiuzhan Li; Tomislav Jarak; Satya N. Atluri
Further Developments on GMLS: Plates on Elastic Foundation
Carlos M. Tiago; Vitor M. A. Leitão
Meshless Radial Basis Function Scheme for Problems with Boundary Singularity
S. M. Wong; T. S. Li; Y. C. Hon
Solving Maxwell's Equations by Multiquadrics Method
D.L. Young; T.K. Wong; C.W. Chen

Chapter 16
Multi-scale Modeling of Materials

Professor Fu-Pen Chiang, Professor Z. Xiao Guo,
Professor Hanchen Huang, Professor Nobutada Ohno,
Professor Hiroshi Okada, Dr. Deepak Srivastava,
Dr. Vinod Tewary, Professor Yoshiro Tomita,
& Professor Priya Vashishta

A Dynamical Approach to the Spatio- temporal Features of the Portevin- Le Chatelier Effect
G. Ananthakrishna
Transport Properties of Carbon- and Silicon-Based Nanotubes
Antonios N. Andriotis
Multiscale Modeling Directly Linking the Electronic Structure Level to the Continuum Level
Tomas Arias
Toward Efficient Numerical Methods for Solving the Boltzmann Equation for Low-Speed Flows
Lowell Baker; Nicolas G Hadjiconstantinou
Residual Stress Determination by Diffraction: Modeling and Applications
Davor Balzar; Nicolae C. Popa
Calculation of Electronic Properties of Point Defects with the Quantum Embedded Cluster Approach
Miguel A. Blanco; Aurora Costales; Víctor Luaña; Ravindra Pandey
Multiscale Process Modeling in Microelectronics
Max O. Bloomfield; Timothy Cale
Nanomechanics: Elasticity and Beyond
Tahir Cagin
Modeling of CNT based Composites: Numerical Issues
Namas Chandra; Chandrakanth Shet
Micro/Nanomechanics Mapping of Deformation Pattern of Lamellar of TiAl
Fu-Pen Chiang
Ab-Initio Studies of Large Deformation Processes of Graphene
Peter W. Chung
Nanotechnology Energetic Material Dynamics Studied with Nanometer Spatial Resolution and Picosecond Temporal Resolution
Dana D. Dlott; Hyunung Yu; Shufeng Wang; Yanqiang Yang; Selezion A. Hambir
Studies of Defects and Strains Using X-Ray Topography and Diffraction
Michael Dudley
From Molecule/Surface Interactions to Film Growth: Multi-model Strategy for atomic scale gate dielectrics technologies
Alain Esteve
Hydrogen Storage on Nanotubes and Nanoscrolls
George E. Froudakis
Computational Materials at NASA Langley Research Center
Thomas S. Gates
Elastic Moduli of a Single-Layered Graphene Sheet with Finite Element and Geometrical Approaches Using Equivalent Spring Modeling
Jaafar Ghanbari; Kambiz Behfar; Reza Naghdabadi
De Novo Multiscale Simulations of Materials
William A. Goddard
Self-Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures: Multi-Scale Experimentation
Rachel S. Goldman
Modelling of Interfaces for Biomedical Devices: Challenges Ahead
Z. Xiao Guo
Molecular Dynamics Study of Temperature Dependence of Water Flow through Carbon Nanotube Junction using Reflecting Particle Method
Itsuo Hanasaki; Akihiro Nakatani; Hiroshi Kitagawa
Interface Sliding and Migration in an Ultrafine Lamellar Structure
Luke L. Hsiung
Atomistic Simulations of Texture Evolution in Thin Films
Hanchen Huang
How are the Different Structures in Atomic Clusters Formed? - Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Studies
Tamio Ikeshoji
Role of Atomic Relaxation in Hydrogen-Induced Amorphization
Masahiko Katagiri; Hidehiro Onodera
Interfacial Heat Flow in Carbon Nanotube Composites
Pawel Keblinski
Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Polymer Behavior in Nano- and Microfluidic Systems
Satish Kumar
Crystallographic Effects on Nano-plasticity on Copper Surfaces
Haiyi Liang; Chung-Ho Woo; Hanchen Huang
Iterative Solution Techniques for the Quasi-continuum Method
Yu Liang; RamdevKanapady; Peter Chung
On Micromechanical Behavior of Glassy Polymer Blended with Different Sized Rubber Particles
Wei Lu; Yoshihiro Tomita
Homogenized Elastic-Viscoplastic Behavior of Plain-Woven GFRP Composites Subjected to In-Plane Tensile Load
Tetsuya Matsuda; Yuki Nimiya; Nobutada Ohno; Masataka Tokuda
Molecular-dynamics Study on Crack Growth Behavior Relevant to Crystal Nucleation in Amorphous Metal
Ryosuke Matsumoto; Michihiko Nakagaki; Akihiro Nakatani; Hiroshi Kitagawa
Micromechanical Properties of Cement Pastes at Elevated Temperatures
Jiri Nemecek; Lubos Kopecky; Zdenek Bittnar
Microscopic Bifurcation and Post-Bifurcation Behavior of Periodic Cellular Solids
Nobutada Ohno; Dai Okumura; Hirohisa Noguchi
Surface and Interface Magnetic Structures of Thin Films Studied by X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Toshiaki Ohta; Kenta Amemiya; Daiju Matsumura
Applications of Element Overlay Technique to the Problems of Particulate Composite Materials
Hiroshi Okada; Chi-Tsich Liu; Takashi Ninomiya; Yasuyoshi Fukui; Noriyoshi Kumazawa
Microscopic Bifurcation Analysis for Long-Wave in-plane Buckling of Elastic Square Honeycombs
Dai Okumura; Nobutada Ohno; Takeshi Niikawa
The Challenge of Modeling Multiple Scales: From DNA to Dislocations
Rob Phillips
Simulation of Edge Dislocation using Finite Element Method
N. Ramakrishnan
Designing Nanostructures for New Functional Materials
Bhakta B. Rath
Reactivity of Oxide Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solution
James Robert Rustad
From Vibrations to Diffusion in Amorphous Materials
Herbert R. Schober
Atomic-level Stress Calculation
Shengping Shen; Satya N. Atluri
Interfacial Conditions in Seamless Multiscale Simulations
Shengping Shen; Satya N. Atluri
Nanomechanics and Plasticity of Nanotubes and Nanowires
Deepak Srivastava
Alloy Nanostructure Evolution Via Surface Diffusion
Jerry Tersoff
Multiscale Modeling of Quantum Nanostructures using Integrated Green’s Function and Molecular Dynamics
Vinod K. Tewary; David T. Read
Multiscale Modeling of Microstructure and Macrostructure Evolution during Sintering
Veena Tikare; Michael V. Braginsky; Jose G. Arguello
Computational Simulation of Mesoscopic Deformation Behavior of Semi-Crystalline Polymer
Makoto Uchida; Yoshihiro Tomita
Multimillion Atom Simulations of Nanosystems and Interfaces on Parallel Computers
Priya Vashishta; Rajiv K. Kalia; Aiichiro Nakano
Atomic-scale Study of Surface-based Nanostructures: Formation and Decay
E.G. Wang
Effective Properties of Composites Whose Reinforcement has Microstructure
John Whitcomb; Julian Varghese; Jae Noh
Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Formulations for Small Scale Hydrodynamics
H. S. Wijesinghe; Nicolas G. Hadjiconstantinou
Molecular Dynamics / Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Simulations on the Dislocation Behavior in Ni-Based Superalloys
Kisaragi Yashiro; Yasushi Tabata; Fumiharu Kurose; Yoshihiro Tomita; Hussein M Zbib
A Finite Element Analysis on the Residual Stresses in a Thin Film/Substrate System
N. Yu; M. A. Jing
A Micromechanics Model for the Elastic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
N. Yu; Z. H. Zhang

Chapter 17
Numerical and Analytical Methods in Gradient Elastic Theory

Professor Demos Polyzos

Wave Dispersion in Concrete due to Microstructure
D. G. Aggelis; T. P. Philippidis; S. V. Tsinopoulos; D. Polyzos
An Elasticity Solution for Functionally Graded Beams using Stress Function
Mohsen Asghari; Artan Sheshmani
Elastic-Plastic Modeling of Kinematic Hardening Materials Based on the Corotational Rate of the Logarithmic Strain Tensor
Kamyar Ghavam; Reza Naghdabadi
Strain-gradient Elasticity: Numerical Methods, a Reciprocal Theorem and a Saint-Venant Type Principle
A. E. Giannakapoulos; E. Amanatidou; N. Aravas
Size Characterization of Pore Structure for Estimating Transport Properties of Cement Paste
Jing Hu; Piet Stroeven
On the Numerical Modelling of Orthotropic Large Strain Elastoplasticity
Igor Karsaj; Carlo Sansour; Jurica Soric
Polyethylene Terephthalate Strips as a Soil reinforcement
Pavel Kuklík; Michal Šejnoha; Jarosla Vacek
Experimental and Numerical Study of Eccentrically Loaded Normal and High Strength RC Columns
Jiri Nemecek; Pavel Padevet; Zdenek Bittnar
BEM Solution of 3-D Dipolar Gradient Elastic Problems in Frequency Domain
D. Polyzos
An Elastoplastic Phase Field Model for Morphological Evolution of Hydrides in Zirconium
San-Qiang Shi; X.N. Jing
Mechanical Behavior and Structure-Properties Relationships in Amorphous Polymers Simulated by Molecular Dynamics
Ricardo Simoes; Julio C. Viana; Gustavo R. Dias; Antonio M. Cunha
Bending Design of RC Circular Cross Sections according to ENV 1992 Standard for strains ec2>1.35 %
Matjaz Skrinar

Chapter 18
Optimization & Inverse Problems

Fire Risk Analysis in Buildings
António Leca Coelho
A Memetic Algorithm for Operating Room Scheduling
Hongying Fei; Abdelhakim Artiba ; Chengbin Chu
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis System for Infrastructure Management
Adelino Jorge Ferreira; Gerardo W. Flintsch
Optimization of FFT Computation for Processors of the Pentium 4 Type
Luis Filipe Figueiredo; Mário Freire
Shakedown Design of Frames with Constraints on Deformations
Francesco Giambanco; Luigi Palizzolo; Alessandra Caffarelli
Two-dimensional Thermomechanical Analysis and Optimization of Functionally Graded Materials
Andrew J. Goupee; Senthil S. Vel
Monitoring Dam Performance through Neural Networks and the Box Jenkins Approach
José Luis Carrasco Gutierrez; Celso Romanel
Variational Determination of Eigenstrain Sources of Residual Stress
Alexander Michael Korsunsky; Gabriel Regino; David Nowell
On the Optimization of a Radial Induction Heating Problem
Andrej Kotar; Pino Koc; Boris Stok
Optimal Dispatch of Hydro Units Considering Head Dependency
Silvio J.P.S. Mariano; Luis A.F.M. Ferreira
Identification of Thermal Boundary Conditions Using a Transient Temperature History
Kazunari Momose; Yoshikatsu Sawada; Hideo Kimoto
Simple Procedures to Accelerate Analyses of Large-Scale Models for Sequential Tunnel Excavation
Marcos Noronha; Ch. Duenser; G. Beer
Range Dependant Tomography of Internal Tides with Relative Arrivals
Orlando Camargo Rodríguez; Sérgio Machado Jesus
Some Parallel Strategies for an Epidemic Genetic Algorithm to an Inverse Heat Conduction Problem
Sabrina B.M. Sambatti; Haroldo F. de Campos Velho; Leonardo D. Chiwiacowsky; Stephan Stephany; Airam J. Preto
Fuzzy Optimization of Structures
Wigand Stransky; Bernd Möller; Wolfgang Graf
Application of the Kalman Filter to Estimate an Elastic Parameter in Order to Improve Controller Performance
Rolf Vargas; L.C. Gadelha DeSouza; Helio K. Kuka

Chapter 19
Structural Integrity, Damage Mechanics & Damage Tolerance

Professor Masanori Kikuchi, Professor Seung Jo Kim,
Professor Toshihisa Nishioka, Dr. Larry Russell,
& Professor Kunigal Shivakumar

A Conceptual Structural Health Monitoring System for Fatigue Damage
J.D. Achenbach
Numerical Calculations of the Singular Stress Fields of Failing Mode-II Cracks in Comparison to Experiments
A. Blázquez; J.F. Kalthoff; I. Palomino; A. Fernandez-Canteli
Predicting Mechanical Properties of Enhanced Performance Concrete Using Compressive Strength
Aires Camões; Barroso Aguiar; Said Jalali
Law of Void Evolution for Porous Materials
Bin Chen; Z.H. Gao; X.H. Peng; J.H. Fang
Determining Stiffness Matrix by the Adjoint Method
L.D. Chiwiacowsky; H.F. deCampos Velho; P. Gasbarri
Dynamic Constitutive Fracture Behavior of Nanocomposites
Victor M. F. Évora; Nitesh Jain; Arun Shukla
Software for Evaluating Probability-Based Integrity of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Rui M. Ferreira; Said Jalali; Odd E. Gjorv
Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Elasto Visco-plastic Crack Propagation with Wake Zone
Takehiro Fujimoto; Toshihisa Nishioka
Comparison of Computational Models for Damage-Induced Stress Softening
Zhanqi Guo; Lambertus Johannes Sluys
Influence of Semi-Rigid Joints on the Behaviour of Steel Beam-Column Structures
Abd-Nacer-Touati Ihaddoudene; Mohamed Chemrouk
Study on the Thickness Effect of 3PB Specimen on Dimple Fracture Processes
Masanori Kikuchi
Determination of Crack Initiation Direction from a Bi-material Notch Based on the Strain Energy Density Concept
Jan Klusák; Zdenek Knésl
Damage Detection with Finite Element Model Updating Using Experimental Modal Data
Andreas Sebastian Kompalka; Stefanie Reese
Fracture Mechanics of the Interface Crack in a Bimaterial Piezoelectric Wedge under Antiplane Deformation
Thomas Jin-Chee Liu; Ching-Hwei Chue
Output Only Modal Identification of a Laboratory Model
Filipe Rodrigues Magalhães; Elsa Sá Caetano; Álvaro Ferreira Cunha
Recent Advances in Hybrid Experimental-Numerical Methods for Dynamic Fracture Studies
Toshihisa Nishioka
T* Integral Analyses of Shell Structures with Through-Wall Cracks for Nonlinear Deformation Problems
Toshihisa Nishioka; Takako Miyanishi; Takehiro Fujimoto
Prediction Mode Numerical Simulation for Non-straight Propagation Crack in Elasto-plastic Material
Toshihisa Nishioka; Soichiro Oka; Takehiro Fujimoto
Numerical Investigation of the Multiple Dynamic Crack Branching Phenomena
Toshihisa Nishioka; Stanislav Tchouikov; Takehiro Fujimoto
Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Moving Finite Element Analysis for High-speed Crack Propagation in Brittle Materials
Toshihisa Nishioka; Ken Yamaguchi; H. Furuta; Takehiro Fujimoto
A Failure Modeling for the Interfaces with Irregular Shape and its Numerical Simulation
Xinrui Niu; Yilan Kang; Shou Wen Yu; Xi Qiao Feng
Antiplane Stress Analysis of a Non-homogeneous Material Wedge
Yi-Liang Ou; Ching-Hwei Chue
Shear beams with Indirect Supports - Numerical Modeling and Experimental Assesment
Mário Pimentel; Paulo Cachim; Joaquim Azevedo Figueiras
Impact Response of Two-Layer Body Armors
Arunachalam M. Rajendran; David J. Grove
On Convergence of the Series Solution for the Crack Propagation in Stochastically Inhomogeneous Materials
Natalia B. Romalis
Fracture Properties of a Fire Resistance and Energy Absorbing Core Material
Larry C. Russell; Kunigal N. Shivakumar
A Total Fatigue Life Model for Composite Laminates
Kunigal Shivakumar; Huanchun Chen
Validation of Various Linear Spring Stiffness Definitions for a Simple Physical Model for Vibrational Analysis of Cracked Beam Elements Subjected to Uniform Transverse Loads
Matjaz Skrinar; Tomaz Plibersek
Compressive Instabilities in Woven Textile Composites
Shunjun Song; Anthony M. Waas
Computational and Experimental Analysis of Acetabular Reinforcement Devices
P.M.A Talaia; C. Relvas; L. Almeida; J. Salgado; Jose Antonio Simoes
Elastoplastic Analysis of External Axial Surface Cracks in Tubes
Zdenko Tonkovic; Ivica Skozrit
Charge-Free Zone Model and Failure Criterion for Conductive Cracks in Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics
Tong-Yi Zhang

Chapter 20
Thin and Flexible Structures; Stability & Smart Structures

Professor S.W. Lee & Professor Aditi Chattopadhyay

Imperfection’s Effect of Beam Element for Elastic Buckling Analysis
Redouane Adman; Hamid Afra
Damage Detection in Electrically Conductive Structures
Damodar R. Ambur; Grady I. Lemoine; Todd A. Anderson
Remotely Reprogrammable Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring Applications
Steven W. Arms; Adam T. Newhard; Jacob H. Galbreath; Christopher P. Townsend
Development of a Novel Optimal Sensor Placement Technique for Structural Health Monitoring
Aditi Chattopadyay; Santanu Das
Shape Optimization of Laminated Composite Shell
Maenghyo Cho; Hyoncheol Kim; Hee Yuel Roh; Gun In Kim
Metal Rubber - Free-Standing, Mechanically Robust Flexible Conducting Materials
Richard O Claus; Jennifer Lalli; Andrea Hill; Bradley A. Davis; Richard Goff
Reliability Analysis of Structures with Nonlinear Behavior Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Neural Networks
João R de Almeida; Cosmin G Chiorean; João B Cardoso
Structural Health Monitoring to Detect Fastener Failure
Mark M Derriso; Steve Olson; William Braisted; Martin DeSimio; John Rosenstengel; Kevin Brown
Smart Actuator for Aeronautical Application
Luigi Di Palma
Simple Neural Network Application for Traffic Monitoring
Michael Fraser; Linjun Yan; Xianfei He; Ahmed Elgamal; Joel P. Conte; Tony Fountain
3D Numerical Modeling of Continuity Equations for Abrupt HBTs at the Heterojunction Interface
Antonio J. Garcia-Loureiro; Juan M. López-González
A Research on Passive Control of Bridge Buffetting based on Multimode Coupling Buffeting Theory
Dajian Han; Xianwu Zeng
Computational Modeling of Fabric Surface Structure
Seyed Abdolkarim Hossein; Mohammad Ghane
Assumed Stress-Strain Four-Node Elements Based on the Finite Deformation First-Order Theory of Multilayered Shells
Gennady Mikhailovich Kulikov; Svetlana V. Plotnikova
Towards Hybrid Equilibrium Models for Large Displacements of Plates
Edward Anthony Maunder; Bassam Izzuddin
SMA-Activated Nail for the Fixation of Long Bone Fractures
Giuseppe Mirone; Guido La Rosa
Form and Structural Analysis of High-Rise Pneumatic Structures
Hiroyuki Obiya; Katsushi Ijima; Noriaki Kawasaki; Shin-ichi Iguchi
Wiener-Haar Expansion of Stochastic Limit Cycles
Chris L. Pettit; Philip S. Beran; Daniel Millman
An Improved Procedure for the Evaluation of the Lateral-Torsional Buckling Resistance of Unrestrained Steel Beams in Case of Fire
P.M.M. Vila Real; N. Lopes; L. Simões da Silva
A Numerical Scheme for Post-Buckling Analysis of Thin-Walled Members in the Context of GBT
P. Simão; Luís Simões da Silva
Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis of Thick Plates with Rotation Fields by using Element-Free Galerkin Method
Yoshitaka Suetake; Masashi Iura; Satya N. Atluri
Active Vibration Suppression of Sandwich Beams using Piezoelectric Shear Actuators
Senthil S. Vel; Brian P. Baillargeon
Coupled Vibration of Thin Walled Beams
Gabor M. Vörös
Buckling of Spring Supported Tapered Columns allowing for Shear Deformation
Andrew Watson; William P. Howson

Chapter 21
Viscoplasticity, Creep, & Damage

Professor Wolfgang Brocks

Boundary Layer in Moderately Thick Plates Under Creep-Damage Conditions
Holm Altenbach; Konstantin Naumenko
Modelling of Anisotropic Ductile Damage Using Gradient Theory
Michael Brünig; Sabine Ricci
A New Model for Porous Viscoplastic Solids Incorporating Void Shape Effects
Laïla Flandi; Jean-Baptiste Leblond
A Finite Strain Viscoplastic Law with Anisotropic Damage
Ruocheng C. Lin; Wolfgang Brocks
Shape Memory Alloy Composites - Modelling of the One-way Effect and the Fatigue Behaviour
Stefanie Reese; Daniel Christ; Klaus Neuking
Epoxy Resin as a Bonding Agent in Polymer Matrix Composites: Material Properties and Numerical Implementation
Michal Sejnoha; Richard Valenta

Chapter 22
Wave Propagation

Professor Chuanzeng Zhang & Professor Francisco Sanchez-Sesma

Numerical Determination of Eigenfrequencies and Eigenmodes Using the Method of Fundamental Solutions
Carlos J.S. Alves; Pedro R. S. Antunes
High Frequency Scattering of Steel Bars with Embedded Cavities via BEM
Julieta Pires Antonio; António Barreto Tadeu
Inverse Problems for Wave Propagation Studies
Jacobo Bielak
Boundary Element Formulations Applied to the Analysis of Anisotropic Cracked Plates Under Transient Loads
Eder Lima de Albuquerque; Paulo Sollero
Elastic-plastic Stress Waves in Ductile-hardening Materials using Finite Element Techniques and a Split-hopkinson Pressure Bar
Fernando José Ferreira; Mário Augusto Vaz; Francisco Queiros de Melo; Joaquim Silva Gomes
Spectral Element Simulation of Rupture Dynamics Along Planar and Non Planar Faults
Gaetano Festa; Jean-Pierre Vilotte
Fast BE Calculation of Acoustic Radiation from Vibrating Structures by Mortar Coupling
Lothar Gaul; Matthias Fischer
Optimal Reduction of Vibrating Substructures
Dan Givoli
High-Order Absorbing Boundaries for Time-Dependent Waves
Dan Givoli; Vincent van Joolen; Beny Neta
Dynamic Behaviour of 2.5D Multi-Layered Systems with Elastic and Acoustic Materials
Luis M. C. Godinho; Antonio J. B. Tadeu; Julieta M. P. Antonio
On Foundations of Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Method of Determination of Residual Stresses in Near-the-Surface Layers of Bodies
A.N. Guz
Hybrid Numerical Method for Transient Waves in Laminated Cylindrical Shells
Xu Han; G.Y. Li; G.R. Liu
Transient Behavior of Scattered and Reflected Wave Fields in Anisotropic Solids
Sohichi Hirose; Alan Tan; Chuanzeng Zhang
Wave Scattering from a Wavy Interface between Two Anisotropic Media
Per-Ake Jansson; Tatiana Krasnova
Study of Transient Wave Propagation in Plates using Double Pulse TV Holography
Hernani Miguel Lopes; Rui Miranda Guedes; Mário Augusto Vaz; José Dias Rodrigues
Numerical Solution of the Steady State Propagation of Nonlinear Diffusive Waves
Paula de Oliveira; Ana Paula Mouro
Approximate 3D Elastodynamic Greens Functions for an Inhomogeneous Elastic Medium
Francisco Sanchez-Sesma; Leonardo Ramirez-Guzman; Francisco Luzon
Sound Insulation Provided by a Single Wall Separating Dwellings Via BEM
Paulo F. A. Santos; António J. B. Tadeu
Crack Front Waves on a Shear Crack
John R Willis
Point Load Generated Surface Waves in a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space using Elastodynamic Reciprocity
Anil C. Wijeyewickrema; Masataka Hattori; Sasikorn Leungvichcharoen
Transient Analysis of Buried Dynamic Sources in an Anisotropic Elastic Half-Space
Kuang-Chong Wu; Shy-Hour Chen
Analysis of Elliptical Waveguides by Method of Fundamental Solutions
D.L. Young; S.P. Hu; C.W, Chen; C.M. Fan
Wave Scattering to the Crack Between Piezoelectric Medium and Substrate or Matrix
Shouwen Yu; Bin Gu; Xuyue Wang
Wave Propagation Analysis in FGMs
Chuanzeng Zhang; Jan Sladek; Vladimir Sladek; Sohichi Hirose
Ultrasonic Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Micro- and Nano-structured Thin Films
Feifei Zhang; Sridhar Krishnaswamy