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Advances in Computational & Experimental Engineering & Sciences

Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on
Computational & Experimental Engineering & Sciences

Advanced Computational Algorithms for Shock, Impact, and Penetration Problems
Organized by Dr. A.M. Rajendran; pp.1-97
Air Traffic Management Research
Organized by Dr. Paul Tan; pp.98-133
Biomechanics, Biomolecular Engineering, and Bionanomechanics
Organized by Professor Gang Bao, Dr. Huajian Gao, & Dr. I.S. Raju; pp.134-164
Boundary Element Methods
Organized by Professor Jan Sladek & Professor Choon-Lai Tan; pp.165-307
Composite Materials: Experiments, Analysis, and Applications
Organized by Professor David H. Allen, Professor Yuris Dzenis, Professor Michihiko Nakagaki, Professor Anthony M. Waas, & Professor Zhenhan Yao; pp.308-540
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Intelligence and Advanced Info Technologies in Engineering Science & Advances in Imaging
Earthquake Structural Engineering
Organized by Professor A. Kappos; pp.641-723
Finite Element Analysis in Engineering: Analysis, Design, & Manufacturing
Finite Strain Theory and Cyclic Plasticity
Organized by Professor Koichi Hashiguchi; pp.772-859
Innovative Aircraft Design
Organized by Professor Luigi Morino & Professor Wesley Harris; pp.860-975
Instabilities and Bifurcations in Fluid Mechanics
Organized by Professor Pinhas Bar-Yoseph & Professor Alexander Gelfgat;
Manufacturing Process Modeling
Organized by Dr. Frederick W. Brust, Professor Wen-Hwa Chen, & Professor Hidekazu Murakawa; pp.1114-1143
Mechanics of Geomaterials
Organized by Professor A. (Tom) Scarpas & Professor Patrick Selvadurai;
Meshless & Novel Computational Methods
Organized by Professor Carlos Alves, Professor C.S. Chen, Professor Vitor Leitão, & Professor Thanh Tran-Cong; pp.1278-1395
Multi-scale Modeling of Materials
Organized by Professor Fu-Pen Chiang, Professor Z. Xiao Guo,
Professor Hanchen Huang, Professor Nobutada Ohno, Professor Hiroshi Okada,
Dr. Deepak Srivastava, Dr. Vinod Tewary, Professor Yoshiro Tomita,
& Professor Priya Vashishta; pp.1396-1601; pp.2286-2303
Numerical and Analytical Methods in Gradient Elastic Theory
Organized by Professor Demos Polyzos; pp.1602-1674
Optimization & Inverse Problems
Structural Integrity, Damage Mechanics & Damage Tolerance
Organized by Professor Masanori Kikuchi, Professor Seung Jo Kim, Professor Toshihisa Nishioka, Dr. Larry Russell, Professor Kunigal Shivakumar; pp.1777-1970
Thin and Flexible Structures; Stability & Smart Structures
Organized by Professor S.W. Lee & Professor Aditi Chattopadhyay; pp.1971-2110
Viscoplasticity, Creep, and Damage
Organized by Professor Wolfgang Brocks; pp.2111-2146
Wave Propagation
Organized by Professor Chuanzeng Zhang & Professor Francisco Sanchez-Sesma; pp.2147-2285