These Masters and PhD theses from past FLAIR students are available to download.  Unless the express permission is granted by the author, these cannot be distributed or used in any way other than for your personal reference:

Zip archives, CD images (.iso), and some .pdf files of Conference Proceedings are available here (sorted from most recent).  If you have a Proceedings CD that is not on this list, please contact Dr Greg Sheard to arrange for it to be added.

LaTeX is a typesetting language used to create high-quality documents.  In LaTeX, content is written as plain text, and special control sequences are used to define special characters, create equations, or to place figures, tables or references in the document.  Analogous to the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on Internet sites, the overall appearance of a document can be altered globally at any time simply by modifying formatting style definitions for the document. LaTeX also manages numbering and positioning of figures and tables, equations, and citations and references. It is the preferred format for manuscript submission for most engineering and scientific journals and conferences, and it is strongly recommended that students employ LaTeX for the preparation of their Thesis.

A LaTeX workshop presentation is available, which is supported by a number of examples showcasing some of the features of LaTeX. The true beauty of LaTeX is revealed when documents are compiled using dedicated pre-defined style files and class files, such as those for recognisable journals such as the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

To get started, a Masters/PhD thesis template is also available.

Windows users:   We recommend installing WinEdt (a shareware editor for LaTeX documents) and MikTeX (a LaTeX package for Windows).  To view compiled documents, Ghostscript and GSView are required.

Linux users:   LaTeX is typically included in Linux distributions. For more information, see the LaTeX tutorial for Linux/Unix. For Ubuntu based distros, install texmaker (word processor) and latex fonts from Software centre. Install "texlive-fonts-recommended" and "texlive-fonts-extra" to make the best use of the Latex font libraries. To quickly identify a latex symbol, use Detexify.

A collection of BibTeX entries to assist students in building up their reference list for their papers and final thesis using LaTeX is available.

Research students are FLAIR are expected to have excellent communication skills along with their technical capabilities. Below are some links which would help students to brush up their English language skills. These skills would be useful for writing technical reports, conference papers, journal articles and preparing conference presentations. Monash University and the Faculty of Engineering have made available the following links for students:

Language and Learning Online - Monash University

Engineering Online resources

Key contacts in Engineering - Research

Research handbooks/policies/examination procedures -Engineering

Monash University Library - Research and Learning Skills

Social life plays an integral part during your research program at the university and clubs can be a platform to share ideas and discuss research problems among peers. Links to a few of the engineering clubs such as MPA and MEGA are provided below:

Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA)

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA)

Cited FLAIR publications

A list of publications by FLAIR members sorted by number of citations (as recorded by ISI).

FLAIR Poster Template

A sample poster template, A2 size can be found here.

FLAIR logo

A high-resolution colour version of the FLAIR logo is available with a white background or a transparent background. A black version and white version of the logo is also available.  These should be used on presentations, posters, etc., when representing the group.

This logo should be used in place of older variants which still appear on some presentation slide templates.
As the name FLAIR is ambiguous in isolation, users should also include the text "Fluids Laboratory for Aeronautical and Industrial Research".  For simplicity, we recommend arial (or a similar sans serif font), in the same colour as used in the lettering in the logo.

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